Hi, I’m Melanie

Melanie Tate, native of the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, is an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur that helps people use the internet to start and grow their business online. She is an assiduous achiever whose great work ethic and passion for excellence propelled her to venture into internet marketing. The BS and MS degrees holders in Pharmaceutical Clinical Research exhibits exceptional professionalism, personal initiative, and loyal devotion which reflect in her entrepreneurial disposition and internet culture as she lends intellectual strategies under challenging and immense pressure.

Before being an entrepreneur, Melanie worked in the pharmaceutical Industry with a cognitive experience of 10yrs where she developed a love of talking and found profound appreciation for customer service. In the course of her pharmaceutical engagement she had to travel all throughout those years away from family and friends with a working hour of 60 plus every week, she grew tired of the rat race but her creativity and dynamism ensured her progression from the pharmaceutical Industry to the internet world where she delights in solving problems with her skills.

Melanie demonstrates her superior commitment to helping others follow their dreams with her solution offering initiative for those who want to start a business online or get into internet marketing. A vivid understanding of the challenges businesses face today put her broad managerial experience into effective use thereby allowing her a quick understanding of the complexities so as to come up with tailored solutions which business desires.

Melanie has been married to her childhood friend, Michael Tate who doubles as her business partner.  When Melanie is not staying at her office, she enjoys Painting, seeing live musical Concerts, traveling, spending time with family, enjoying new foods and movies. Today Melanie desires to positively impact lives and help people understand how to start and grow their business successfully so that they can live their best lives.